3 Soldiers Rescue Operation Initiated

After the kidnapping of 3 soldiers by the Pathalgari supporters in Khunti district, the officers of the District Police went in search of the soldiers in bulk. The three soldiers were taken as the hostage by the Pathalgari supporters on Tuesday.

In fact, on Tuesday, police arrested Pathalgari supporters in Aniruddha, 4km before the Khunti’s skirt. When the Pathalgari supporters, armed with conventional weapons, started firing on violence, the police also began to nod the sticks. A Pathlagari supporter was injured in this, whom the police arrested.

According to the information, all the 3 soldiers were guards of BJP MP Karia Munda’s house. In order to rescue the hostage soldiers, 10 large vehicles and thousands of soldiers headed by SP Suvash Kumar and SP Ashwani Kumar traveled on Wednesday morning to Ghaghra. During this, a Paththalgari supporter died in lathi charge and air firing. While 50 Pathalgari supporters have been taken into custody.

On Tuesday, the uncontrollable Pathalgari supporters attacked MP Karia Munda’s house and kidnapped the 3 soldiers. It also came into notice that the Pathalgari supporters snatched away the weapons of guards. When the attack happened MP Karia Munda was in Delhi.

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