Why New Zealand refuses Pakistan’s invitation?

Priyanka Bajaj

In fifteen years, first time, New Zealand declined the offer to play in Pakistan. The invitation was sent by the Pakistan Cricket Board in April for Twenty-Twenty’s to New Zealand for playing in Pakistan as part of a bigger series and some of them in United Arab Emirates-(UAE) between October and December but now all matches would be played in UAE. The series would include; three T20s, three one-day internationals and three tests.

“We were open-minded and went through all the information. It was an extensive due diligence exercise: government advisory, (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), ICC, independent security consultants, and those were peer reviewed back here as well.
We just came to the decision that given the current circumstances, it just wasn’t right for us to accept the invitation to play in Pakistan.”, says Greg Barclay, Chairman of New Zealand writes to Pakistan last week by rejecting his invitation.

The last time when New Zealand visited Pakistan in 2003, December. It was a tour for eighteen months but it was decreased as the bomb blast took place outside the touring team’s in Karachi hotel in the morning when the second test was due to begin.

In 2009, as Sri Lanka’s bus was attacked in Lahore, keeping this in mind the international team rejected to play. The estimated amount cost $140 million in stadium hire and accommodation as Pakistan has played earlier. The PCB’s chief executive estimated the cost.

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